Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 28 November 2019 – Sustainability #3 – Leaving a Smaller Footprint

Sustainability involves a complex web of interconnectedness between consumer, brewery, supplier and worker.

Colin Johnston (Crisp Malting) and Fergus Fitzgerald (Adnams) discuss some of the issues.

Recorded live at CAMRA’s Cambridge Beer Festival.

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Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 10 January 2019 – The Alcohol-Free Special

This episode – the first of the new, fortnightly episodes – is an alcohol-free special.

Emma takes a look at:

  • who’s drinking alcohol-free beer?
  • how is the beer brewed?
  • what are some of the challenges around brewing & selling alcohol free beer?
  • and what does it actually taste like? 

She enlists the help of:

PLUS – we put the best dog beers to the test with the help of Rupert the Whippet and Colin the Border Terrier (no – really, we do…)

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Don’t forget to check out the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane this weekend – Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 January. Both Emma & Jane will be there leading tours and hosting talks & tastings. Come along and try some no/low alcohol beers for yourself.

Emma would like to thank Euroboozer, Guinness & Greene King for supplying some of the beers. Rupert Whippet would like to thank Father Christmas for supplying his stash of dog beers.