Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 5 March 2020 – Is it ever ‘just beer’?

Beer has the power to unite us, to say something to us, and to have a major influence on the world around us.

So is it ever ‘just beer’?

Featuring a discussion with two of the most influential people in beer today: Dr J Jackson-Beckham (Diversity Ambassador, Brewer’s Association) & Paul Jones (Co-Founder & Director, Cloudwater).

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Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 6 February 2020 – Where’s Cask At?

Cask beer.

The very soul of the British pub or boring brown beer? Good value or desperately undervalued? The future of craft beer or a dusty old relic?

Where exactly is cask beer at?


– Roger Ryman (Brewing Director; St Austell Brew Co)

– Ben Duckworth (Director; Affinity Brew Co & Cask Festival)

– Matt Eley (Editor; Cask Report)

Jane Peyton (Resident Beer Sommelier)

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Fermentation Bitesize – 17 October 2019 – Ampersand Brew Co

Ampersand Brew Co is a small, progressive brewery based in South Norfolk. It produces seasonal beers, session beers and big barrel-aged beauties. The story of this family-run brewery throws the spotlight on many features of the contemporary brewing scene. Ampersand’s Andy Hipwell discusses tap rooms, collaborations and cask ales, and shares some of his best brews.

This episode was recorded live at the Cambridge Beer Festival in May 2019.

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Fermentation Bitesize – 3 October 2019 – Toucans & Widgets

From the original lease to the distinctive advertising, and from the earliest recipes to the invention of the widget, Guinness is a brewery with a rich 260 year history.

Take a step inside the Guinness Archive alongside archivist Fergus Brady, and discover some of the secrets that bring this unique beer alive.

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With many thanks to Guinness for their time and hospitality.

Fermentation Bitesize: Jereme Zimmerman – The Red-Headed Yeti

Jereme Zimmerman – avid fermenter and self-described ‘peace-loving, green-living Appalachian Yeti Viking’ shares a beer with Emma.

The birth of civilisation, prohibition, sustainability, Norse mythology and the importance of stories to our enjoyment of beer all feature in this wide-ranging discussion. And if you’ve ever considered brewing Chicha de Muko at home, listen up!

Jereme’s book, ‘Brew Beer Like a Yeti’ is published by Chelsea Green Publishing.

Fermentation Bitesize: Lily Waite – Queer Brewing Project

Beer: it’s powerful stuff. In fact, all evidence points to it being one of the main reasons behind civilisation as we know it.

So why shouldn’t it change the world?

In this bitesize edition of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio, Emma speaks to artist, beer writer, queer activist and founder of the Queer Brewing Project, a collaborative beer project aiming to raise the profile of LGBTQ people in the brewing & hospitality industries.

[Recorded live at Cambridge Beer Festival]