Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – Do you remember your first?

We all have a first. That special one, the legendary one. The one that first awoke your taste buds.

Maybe it was supping the foam off a pint of your dad’s homebrew. Maybe it was a taste of your grandmother’s glass of stout in the village pub. Maybe it was a cold can of something thrust into your hand as you watched the football. 

Join Emma (and resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton) for a fascinating tour of Greene King – the 220 year old brewery that first drew her into the wonderful world of beer.

Many thanks to all at Greene King for their hospitality throughout the making of this episode.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 18 April 2019 – Goose Island, Two Tribes, Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes & Thornbridge

On this episode, Emma links up with four breweries – from the UK, mainland Europe and the USA – who are shaping the contemporary beer scene in their own unique ways.

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Many thanks to Thornbridge and Carlsberg for providing some of the beer tasted during today’s episode.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 4 April 2019 – LIVE at Barcelona Beer Festival

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio goes LIVE at the 2019 Barcelona Beer Festival!

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In this extra-special episode we celebrate pan-European collaboration, and the wonder of our international beer scene, through a discussion recorded live in front of an audience at one of best beer festivals in the world.

Some of the key players in the thriving Barcelona beer scene talk to Emma about beer, brewing and the strong connections between the UK and Catalan scenes.

Emma’s guests are:

Fermentation Bitesize – Justin Hawke (Moor Beer) & The Citizens of Everywhere

Today’s episode is the very first Fermentation Bitesize – occasional single-guest specials featuring the best of the contemporary beer scene. 

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Collaboration is the theme of the discussion and today’s guest has pulled together a truly monumental collaboration between 12 brewers from all parts of the UK and 12 brewers from right across Europe. The project is called ‘Citizens of Everywhere’ and the person behind it is Justin Hawke, founder and head brewer at Moor Beer

The full list of breweries involved in the project, and the European Union achievement they will be following is:

Check out the Citizens of Everywhere website, Thirsty (Cambridge) and Beer52 for details of how to get hold of the beers.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 7 March 2019 – International Women’s Day

The month of March is Women’s History Month and Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day – a time to reflect on the great progress made in terms of women’s rights, and also to redouble our efforts in the fight for change, the fight to achieve equal rights for all women and girls across the world.

In this episode we mark International Women’s Day by doing just that – and by talking to and celebrating some of the wonderful women who are working hard right across the contemporary beer scene.


Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 21 February 2019 – Art

The contemporary beer revolution has changed far more than simply the liquid in your glass. The whole aesthetic around beer has changed and nothing reflects this more starkly than the art associated with beer. From pump clips to label design to the artwork that singles some breweries out as pretty special – nothing is the same as it was before.

In this episode we explore the wonderful world of beer and art.  Featuring:

  • Dave Stone & Sally Lindsell (Wylam Brewery);
  • Darron Anley (Siren Craft Brew);
  • Luci & Mike Clayton-Jones (Double-Barrelled);
  • Leigh Pearce (Cloak & Dagger);
  • Toni Skinner (Pig’s Ears Distribution);
  • the staff and customers at Bison Beer in Hove;
  • and resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton.

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Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 7 February 2019 – Journeys

Every beer has a tale to tell, and much of that story is wrapped up in the journey of how it came into being, the steps its maker took to bring it to life. This episode explores just some of those journeys.



Many thanks to Harbour Brewing Co, Hawksmoor, Open Gate Brewery and Fuller’s for some of the beers tasted on today’s show. Thanks to Tommy Barnes & Muswell Press for the copy of Beer in the Loire.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 24 January 2019 – The International Episode

Explore stories from right across the contemporary beer world in this bumper-sized international episode.



Many thanks to New Zealand Beer Collective, Mahou San Miguel and Yeastie Boys for providing some of the beers reviewed during this episode.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 10 January 2019 – The Alcohol-Free Special

This episode – the first of the new, fortnightly episodes – is an alcohol-free special.

Emma takes a look at:

  • who’s drinking alcohol-free beer?
  • how is the beer brewed?
  • what are some of the challenges around brewing & selling alcohol free beer?
  • and what does it actually taste like? 

She enlists the help of:

PLUS – we put the best dog beers to the test with the help of Rupert the Whippet and Colin the Border Terrier (no – really, we do…)

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Don’t forget to check out the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane this weekend – Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 January. Both Emma & Jane will be there leading tours and hosting talks & tastings. Come along and try some no/low alcohol beers for yourself.

Emma would like to thank Euroboozer, Guinness & Greene King for supplying some of the beers. Rupert Whippet would like to thank Father Christmas for supplying his stash of dog beers.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – November 2018

Miles Jenner – Head Brewer at Harvey’s Brewery

In this episode of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio we bid a fond farewell to Radio Reverb – the community radio station that has provided us with a home for the past three years – and looks ahead to some very exciting developments in the world of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio.

Hear some highlights from the past few years including:

– Miles Jenner (Harvey’s);

– John Keeling (Fuller’s);

– Adam Robertson (Verdant);

– and much, much more!

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