Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 7 February 2019 – Journeys

Every beer has a tale to tell, and much of that story is wrapped up in the journey of how it came into being, the steps its maker took to bring it to life. This episode explores just some of those journeys.



Many thanks to Harbour Brewing Co, Hawksmoor, Open Gate Brewery and Fuller’s for some of the beers tasted on today’s show. Thanks to Tommy Barnes & Muswell Press for the copy of Beer in the Loire.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 24 January 2019 – The International Episode


Explore stories from right across the contemporary beer world in this bumper-sized international episode.


Many thanks to New Zealand Beer Collective, Mahou San Miguel and Yeastie Boys for providing some of the beers reviewed during this episode.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 10 January 2019 – The Alcohol-Free Special


This episode – the first of the new, fortnightly episodes – is an alcohol-free special.

Emma takes a look at:

  • who’s drinking alcohol-free beer?
  • how is the beer brewed?
  • what are some of the challenges around brewing & selling alcohol free beer?
  • and what does it actually taste like? 

She enlists the help of:

PLUS – we put the best dog beers to the test with the help of Rupert the Whippet and Colin the Border Terrier (no – really, we do…)

Don’t forget to check out the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane this weekend – Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 January. Both Emma & Jane will be there leading tours and hosting talks & tastings. Come along and try some no/low alcohol beers for yourself.

Emma would like to thank Euroboozer, Guinness & Greene King for supplying some of the beers. Rupert Whippet would like to thank Father Christmas for supplying his stash of dog beers.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – November 2018

Miles Jenner – Head Brewer at Harvey’s Brewery

In this episode of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio we bid a fond farewell to Radio Reverb – the community radio station that has provided us with a home for the past three years – and looks ahead to some very exciting developments in the world of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio.

Hear some highlights from the past few years including:

– Miles Jenner (Harvey’s);

– John Keeling (Fuller’s);

– Adam Robertson (Verdant);

– and much, much more!

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Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – October 2018

Jaega Wise (left) with Emma at Wild Card Brewery

In this episode:

– Jaega Wise – head brewer at Walthamstow’s Wild Card Brewery – gives Emma a tour of the new site and introduces her to some very special brews;

– London Beer Factory’s Sim & Brett tell us about their plans to take a coolship on the road;

– Ben McFarland, one half of the Thinking Drinkers – tells us about their new show, ‘Pub Crawl’;

– Steve Fisher, the man behind the Kitbag Brewery – a revolutionary new homebrew set up in a bag – encourages Emma to brew up a beer on her kitchen stove;

– Steve Keegan – head brewer and founder of Holler Brewery – shows Emma around their new city-centre tap room;

– and resident beer sommelier and the UK’s very first cider pommelier, Jane Peyton, is in the studio to taste and talk all manner of beer!

Produced and presented by Emma Inch (@fermentradio)

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – The Cider Special – September 2018


Gabe Cook – The Ciderologist

This episode is a ‘Cider Special’ in which Emma explores the fascinating world of contemporary cider. Featuring Gabe Cook (The Ciderologist), Susanna Forbes (drinks writer & co-founder of Little Pomona boutique cidery), Pete Brown (drinks writer), Tom Oliver (renowned cider maker), and the UK’s very first Cider Pommelier, Jane Peyton.

Many thanks to the Bristol Cider Shop for the ciders tasted during this episode.

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – August 2018

Natalya Watson – self-confessed beer geek

In this episode:

– Emma talks tackling food waste with Rob Wilson from Toast Ale;

– we meet some of the people behind two of the breweries from Berkshire’s thriving brewing scene – Chris & Ian from Wild Weather Ales and Luci Clayton-Jones from Double-Barrelled;

– we hear about the positive side of the brewing scene from G – founder of Craft Beer Cares;

– and Natalya Watson – beer sommelier, certified Cicerone and all-round beer geek – gives us a potted guide to some of the most important innovations in beer in the last 100 years.

PLUS – resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton, tastes and talks beer with added extras!

Produced & presented by Emma Inch (@fermentradio)

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – July 2018

Bath Ales’ Sulis Lager – a sunshine treat!

In this episode:

– Emma is shown round the new Bath Ales Brewery by Master Brewer, Roger Ryman;

– we revisit the Beer Day Britain / Brit Hop celebrations;

– Jonny Garrett (Cave Direct & Craft Beer Channel) talks barrel-aged beer;

– beer writers, Pete Brown & Jess Mason teach us how to sell beer to everyone;

– and, in the studio, resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton, talks enough beer & food to make us all very thirsty and hungry indeed!

Produced & presented by Emma Inch (@fermentradio)

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – June 2018

Loud Shirt Brewery

In this episode: Four very different brewers share their unique perspectives on the world of contemporary beer:

– Chris Angelkov from the highly acclaimed Lost+Found Brewery;

– Rob Lovatt, head brewer at Thornbridge;

– Martyn Batchelor, co-founder of Loud Shirt Brewing

– and Charlotte Cook, lead brewer at Truman’s Brewery.

PLUS – Charlie Pyment from The Bevy Community Pub and resident homebrewer, James Torr are in the studio to talk and taste beer.

Produced & presented by Emma Inch (@fermentradio)

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – May 2018

John Keeling – Fuller’s

In this episode:

– Emma talks to the brewing philosopher, John Keeling, who is soon to retire after a long career at Fuller’s;

– Little Earth Project’s Tom Norton talks wild and sour beers;

– Duvel’s Master Brewer, Olav Blancquaert, explains why it has taken so long to get Duvel on tap;

PLUS, live in the studio:

– Drinks Maven herself, Jess Mason, tells us about her exciting new project, BritHop;

– resident homebrewer, James Torr, urges us to brew local;

– resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton, talks about Beer Day Britain,

– and Emma announces a brand new event for the beery calendar – Brighton & Hove Beer Week.

Produced & presented by Emma Inch (@fermentradio)