Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – Barcelona Revisited

The Catalan beer scene is an exciting place.

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When Emma went over to host a live podcast at Barcelona Beer Festival back in March, she made it her business to explore the rest of the city. And she ended up meeting many of the people who make the scene such an amazing place.

Plus, she brought some pretty special beers home…


  • Robin Barden – head brewer at Edge Brewing
  • Aran Leon – co-founder & head brewer at La Pirata Brewery
  • Francesco Stella – head brewer at Almogaver Brewery
  • Josh Wheeler – brewer & co-owner at Cyclic Beer Farm
  • Jordi Sanchez Puig – founder of Lupilina hop growers
  • Shane Main & Graham Wylie – Wylie Brewery
  • and resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton.