Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio – 21 February 2019 – Art

The contemporary beer revolution has changed far more than simply the liquid in your glass. The whole aesthetic around beer has changed and nothing reflects this more starkly than the art associated with beer. From pump clips to label design to the artwork that singles some breweries out as pretty special – nothing is the same as it was before.

In this episode we explore the wonderful world of beer and art.  Featuring:

  • Dave Stone & Sally Lindsell (Wylam Brewery);
  • Darron Anley (Siren Craft Brew);
  • Luci & Mike Clayton-Jones (Double-Barrelled);
  • Leigh Pearce (Cloak & Dagger);
  • Toni Skinner (Pig’s Ears Distribution);
  • the staff and customers at Bison Beer in Hove;
  • and resident beer sommelier, Jane Peyton.

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