Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio is an award-winning audio magazine show exploring the very best of the contemporary beer and brewing scene in the UK and beyond. The show is produced and presented by the former British Beer Writer of the Year – beer writer and audio maker, Emma Inch.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – Fermentation in Isolation

On Thursday 2 April 2020, a new podcast – Fermentation in Isolation launched via the Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio channel.

Fermentation in Isolation is a spin-off from the multi award-winning Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio podcast and features regular coronavirus updates from representatives of SIBA, CAMRA, BII & BBPA, plus other useful content for both trade and consumer alike.

Fermentation in Isolation is produced and presented by former British Beer Writer of the Year, Emma Inch. She says,

‘I’ve been working on ways in which I can use the resources available to me in a way that both informs and supports the industry I love at this incredibly difficult time. By providing a platform for industry bodies and organisations to share vital information, I hope to play a small part in getting those important messages out there.’

In addition to these important updates, Fermentation in Isolation also features information on how breweries and pubs are coping with lockdown, and where consumers can get hold of beer. There’s also chats with Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio regular, drinks writer Jane Peyton, and features on some of the small moments of hope arising from the current crisis.

‘This is a terrible time for both brewers and pubs alike,’ Emma says, ‘but amidst the sadness and worry, there are occasional glimmers of positivity. For example, pubs reaching out to vulnerable people and brewers supporting – and being supported by – their local communities. I want to showcase stories like that to try to keep us all afloat until this is over.’

Fermentation in Isolation launched on Thursday 2nd April. A new episode is made available every Thursday via the usual Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio channel on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, other podcast providers, or right here on the website.

For more information – or to suggest stories to feature on the podcast – contact Emma Inch via emma@fermentationonline.com

“Wow what a podcast, so glad I found this. The best UK focused beer / brewing podcast. Exceptionally high quality content and production. Up there with the Craft Beer Channel on YouTube.”

(B on Apple Podcasts, May 2018)

“I’ve listened to a lot of beer / Brewing podcasts over the years and learnt a massive amount about the American Craft beer scene as a result. The lack of UK centric beer radio has finally been resolved by this excellent show. Great interviews, quality information and genuinely entertaining. I particularly enjoy the interviews with head brewers. Cheers”

(A on Apple Podcasts, September 2018)

Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio started life in January 2016 as a monthly radio show on community station, Radio Reverb. It was the first (and still only) regular beer and brewing show on FM radio in the UK.

After three years in which the show included interviews with more than 70 breweries from across the world, plus features about homebrewing, beer culture and food matching, the show moved to a podcast-only format. A new episode is released every two weeks and can be downloaded and listened to at your leisure.

“Our Gold award goes to someone whose online presence includes a magazine format radio show and a website that ties the shows together. The shows have a real energy, and people at their heart.”
(Pete Brown – Chair of Judges – speaking at the British Guild of Beer Writers Awards, 2017)

In October 2019 Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio was named as runner-up in the Best Beer Podcast/Broadcast in the prestigious North American Guild of Beer Writers Awards. It has also been significant in other awards awarded to producer and host, Emma Inch.

Drinks educator, beer sommelier, and the UK’s very first cider pommelier, Jane Peyton, is a regular guest on the show, acting as resident beer sommelier. You can find out about the show’s sponsors and partnerships here.

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